Chopstick Holder Whale

Chopsticks are great eating utensils; my family and I use chopsticks all the time, so why not make our eating experience more fun? After taking a CAD class and watching way too many nature documentaries, I designed a whale of a chopstick holder. As a beginner to the CAD software Fusion360, creating a simple 3D model was challenging for me, but despite my many failed attempts I finally modelled a functional chopstick holder with a whale shape.

chopstick holder.png

The next step was to use a CNC router to carve the model from a block. I designed the cutting pathway in Fusion 360 and watched with glee as the CNC machine sparked and sliced away.


It cleared a path, rough-cut the shape, and then slowly weathered a smooth round surface into the block. The chopstick holder turned out beautiful and satisfying, and I look forward to painting a satisfying theme on the skin.