Hygiene Soap

Keeping good hygiene is one of the most fundamental requirements for a healthy life, and amid the COVID-19 pandemic, washing hands and keeping good hygiene becomes even more important. Of course, getting kids to wash their hands after leaving the bathroom is still a Herculean task. As I policed my little sister on this during quarantine, I wondered: what if we could make washing hands a fun experience?

Quarantined at home, I was forced to MacGyver my invention from old blinking LED, plastic balls in my sister's toy box and a soap making kit.


To begin, I put the LED light inside the plastic ball, so that the ball will light up when shaken. The way it works simply depends on the spring near the LED. Only when the toy is shaken, the spring inside distorts and connects the circuit, which turns on the LED light. Once the LED module stops moving, the spring turns back to its original shape and disconnects the circuit. I sealed the toy LED inside a plastic bag so that water and melted soap would not leak in. 

I poured the base soap layer in a silicon mold and added the LED ball. Then I melted another batch of soap base, and filled the mold. When the soap congealed, I trimmed it into a kid-size bar.

This simple project was an incredible boon – now I can focus on my other projects without watching my sister every time she leaves the bathroom!