The Beginning

I was first introduced to the idea of design thinking when I was 12. With no understanding of design, materials, or technology, I set out to design a passive amplifier.


Learning basic physics and manual tools like coping and band saws, I was empowered by the ability to use my mind and hands to create attractive, useful works that benefit others. Applying my skills, I created a bone-shaped device perfectly suited to match the impedance of the air to the speaker. My friends and I still use my homemade amp almost every time we get together!  


Over the next few years, I continued to design and innovate: I studied the properties of metals to design a candle holder, I used laser cutting to build a night light, and employed steam bending to design a lamp to match my room...


Throughout middle and high school I dove deeper into the process of design thinking and problem solving, discovering more and more ways to make an impact and produce attractive goods to satisfy human needs.